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Superior TurnKey Solutions Group (STSG) is a Preferred partner of Dell Computers for the past five years built upon a strong history of working together to build, test and implement with support each proposal presented to our clients.  We are trained and certified in many of Dell’s core competencies of Server, Storage and network solutions along with Desktop, Laptop and Thin Client known as Wyse product line for end users.  Dell is STSG’s number one vendor for client discussions around its Virtualization, Data Availability, and VDI practices for Application and VDI solutions in other practices. 

Dell and STSG’s alliance also includes a full spectrum of services with both implementation consulting and training classes for formal classroom access to self-paced internet access, to fully realize the potential of a customer’s investment in their infrastructure.  STSG with each customer works to Assess via DPack2, Design and scope a solution and relevance with focuses on a single goal: to help customers change their world with IT that’s optimized for agility, dynamic response and value for their business.

Dell, through its core technologies and many recent acquisitions are key to STSG’s consulting with its clients.  Areas of successful solutions being delivered to our customers are centered on:

  1. Infrastructure around the IT’s core with rack able servers, SAN/NAS storage and networks
  2. Virtualization and efforts to drive increased efficiencies in operations and high availability
  3. End user “application computing” in support of Microsoft, Linux and 25 other operating systems in a Virtualized server.
  4. STSG supports Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and XenServer version installations.
  5. Virtualization supports the most efficient use of computing resources with security with centralized applications and data.
  6. Data and Application availability with Data Availability Suite
  7. Network Security with the SonicWALL product line
  8. Latitude laptops, Optiplex desktops, tablets and printers for users to access corporate resources

  9. Management tools are key to understand and support the operational needs of each business from provisioning services to       optimized resources.

“Texas Tech has been able to realize the full benefit of Dell Solutions with STSG’s consulting resources as they build -out our Engineering systems with Dell technology to address student needs in their class labs.”

Larry Winslow
IT Director Texas Tech University, Engineering


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