Microsoft Managed Services Solutions Practice

Full Proactive Management Of Your IT applications And Operations:

STSG’s IT Managed Services Practice provides the proactive implementation and management of quality IT services that meet customer’s business SLA needs. These services allow your Network, Servers/Storage, Firewall and data to be better secured so that applications running on your Cloud or Physical resources, provide efficient and quality services to your customers. STSG offers solutions involving simple, but complete systems where you will see results in hours rather than days. With your data center, the solutions are extended to the user PC/TC with full integration of their images, inventory legality hardware/software licenses along with accounting for who uses these applications and providing help desk support systems. This is done for your entire network attached devices including Web access, IP phone, unified communications via email, voicemail.

Next Generation technology for Network and Application Performance Monitoring gives you:

     1. Continuous monitoring of data traffic to immediate diagnose user support desk problems
     2. Voice, video and web site traffic and resolve communications for each user’s issues
     3. Track All Application and Data performance for user support calls
     4. Deep packet inspection for routing issues to hold 3rd party ISV suppliers accountable
     5. SaaS in the cloud or on-site data depository for reporting and historic analysis
     6. Outsourced Managed services for daily, weekly and monthly report to management on quality of services and          recommendations for corrective actions
     7. Real time notification of all rules/policy violations monitoring critical systems to maintain productivity for your users in a          virtual or physical server farms.

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