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STSG’s Management has been providing computer solutions since the mid 1980s. As PC “Client-Server” technology took hold, our customers embraced the flexibility and lower cost of delivering applications to end users. However, this user independence came with a price. The centralized control and security of previous mainframe systems became increasingly difficult to maintain in the third generation computing model. Virtualization, cloud computing, new access devices, and accounting regulations added increasing complexity to the process.

We have delivered many successful infrastructure engagements to small and medium government and commercial businesses in the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana markets. STSG consulting can customize IT consulting solutions with vendors focused on virtualization, authentication, and management of appliances supporting users in multiple facets of your business operations, including IT, Accounting, HR and Auditing.. Consulting services focus on architecture, design, implementation, start-up support, and Health Check Readiness Assessment. We are associated with leading edge technology vendors as a System Integrator supplementing your operations.

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These Vendors/Partners compliment our 7 primary practices including:

* Dell EMC Infrastructure

* Application Virtualization

* VDI Thin Client

* Data & Network Security

* Application / Data Availability

* Hybrid Services

* Managed Services



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