Data Protection & Recovery Solutions Practice

Data Protection & Recovery Solutions To Protect Your High Availability Offering:

     1. Data or application image snap shots and back-up allowing for quick recovery when users or IT staff experiences a deleted          file or a corrupted file needing to be recovered in less than an hour.

     2. Data and images backed up to a secondary site that acts as a back-up and an alternative computer services location or          secondary site.

     3. Archiving and versatile data protection priced by solutions using software and consulting solutions with servers/storage and          software and by the terabyte.

Say goodbye to the need for compromise in your data protection solution. Other vendors require you to compromise on your backup and disaster recovery solution. You either overpay for a one-size-fits-all approach that’s more than you need, or under-protect because you can’t or don’t want to pay the high prices other vendors require. You don’t have to compromise. With the flexibility of the Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite, you can match your backup to your business and help make your organization more resilient. One suite with three types of data protection, the Dell Backup & Disaster Recovery Suite offers full access to the Dell data protection software portfolio — AppAssure, NetVault Backup, and vRanger — priced by the front-end terabyte. Mix and match those products to meet your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements. Purchase what you need today, and then grow that capacity as your business grows. Protect across physical, virtual, and cloud with one all-inclusive suite that can result in significant cost savings. Protection without compromise match your backup to your business needs and keep your business resilient.

      1. Protect hundreds of VMs via agentless technology, active block mapping, compression, deduplication.
      2. Provide high availability through 288 snapshots/day, Virtual Standby, and Live Recovery.
      3. Ensure that critical workloads are restored in minutes, not hours.
      4. Protect an enterprise with scalable, unparalleled ease of use.
      5. Reduce your data storage footprint by up to 90%.
      6. Experience potential cost savings of up to 55% in large environments of over 250TB.


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