STSG's Services are made up of FIVE types of TurnKey Delivery Services

Health Check Services for existing and new customers.

STSG provides two (2) levels (Professional & Enterprise) of user or device Computer Access Licenses (CALs) that are sold on a named basis and source.  The total is based on the HR and Active Directory systems to determine the required purchased number.  Cloud computing provisioning will be included in a separate module and included in both CALs.
We will also, on a quarterly basis, provide minor service packs, which provide some additional features along with any bug or new functionality.  STSG will provide service packs on your servers as needed basis to correct everyday issues, made available to its users.

Design and Implementation Services for new implementations

STSG is focused on designing solutions within Infrastructure Services for companies in all industries.  We will offer standard and customizable solutions to healthcare organizations, local/state and federal government agencies, K-12 to college, financial, manufacturing, small to medium businesses, and enterprise companies.  With an experienced sales and technical staff, STSG can provide superior TurnKey results for your IT infrastructure projects.

Migration/Upgrade Services of a Customer’s Infrastructure includes hardware & software.

Software Update Service Packs: STSG will provide major releases of software every 12 – 18 months for its installed customer base.  Service packs are posted to an FTP site where they are available through the level 2 or 3 help desk.

Software updates and service packs are provided throughout the year with one major release occurring every 18 to 24 months with minor releases every 6 to 12 months. Service packs and bug fixes will be released as needed based on severity of the error and customer expectations. STSG will provide unlimited support on the actual systems set-up and installation.

Hardware/Software Annual Renewals & Training Services to maintain your IT operations.

STSG’s vendor-trained inside sales representatives are available to assist and manage a customer’s annual renewals with different vendors from its seven practices.  We provide for co-terming vendor contacts, soliciting the best consolidated pricing with discounts for training and service needed by the client.  We typically work these contracts with a further discount as Operational Expenses to your budget.

Vendors we primarily work with are: Dell, Barracuda, Cisco, Citrix, Dell-EMC, eg-Innovations, HPE, Kace, Kaspersky, Microsoft, SonicWall, Trend Micro, TriCerat, Veeam, VMware.

Managed Services Provides both Help Desk Phone Services and on-site engagements and expert provision, consulting and monitoring services.

Phone Support Contract: STSG provides two levels of phone support; 5 by 10 and 7 by 24.  New users will receive a support consultant and project manager phone support contract to address issues you have with our software and services we provide in an engagement.  We will support third party interfaces for provisioning with application alliances to each vendor sold.  Incorporating user provisioning standards to applications allows a tight user access experience.  STSG also supports tight-control passwords, two-factor authentication, across trusting and non-trusting Domains and Forrest between systems depending on the application. .

Monitoring Services: Our customer’s success depends on its IT infrastructure. STSG and its partners deliver proactive services that not only keep their network up and running, but running effectively and efficiently.  With our partner, Kasaya, “Monitoring services”, means that our customers will see increased performance, security, and reliability.

Download Supporting Capabilities Overview PDF here

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