Application & Data Virtualization Solutions Practice

STSG Delivers Enterprise-Class Virtualization Technology
For Small & Midsized Organizations

As a small or midsized business, you deserve the very best in IT. By taking advantage of STSG’s best practice designs and implementation services we can work within your budget and simplify your operations to keep your support cost down. It shouldn’t require ripping out what you have today and replacing it with tomorrow’s technology. And it shouldn’t impact service levels to your customer base along the way, instead adding high availability. In a Microsoft based software there is Hyper-v from Microsoft in Windows 2012R2 to provide cost effective deployment of applications.

With advanced capabilities found in VMware® solutions, STSG understands the IT needs of small and midsized organizations and we provide affordable, easy-to-manage, enterprise-class desktop and applications virtualization solutions that effectively scale with your business as it grows. First, there is vSphere the original Virtualization for 26 operating systems on one or more server farm. The technology allows for creating a utility where IT resources for servers, storage and network capacity is pooled into a single resource to be managed and deployed as you business needs change and grow over the next years. Then with VMware View™, the industry’s easiest to deploy and manage desktop virtualization solution, small and midsized organizations can take advantage of enterprise-class technology to deliver desktops as a service to end users in a cost-effective and streamlined manner. Thus, extending your resources to the desktop for security of data and support of the business end users.

STSG’s Maxta HyperConverged solution has helped deliver greater efficiency and simpler infrastructure via Hyper-Converged technologies. Maxta’s storage software dramatically simplifies IT management and provides significant cost savings over traditional storage arrays. The Maxta Storage Platform (MxSP) provides organizations the choice to add hyper-converge on ant x86 servers, the choice of hypervisor, and the flexibility to support any combination of storage devices elimination the need for complex and expensive NAS and SAN device opyions. The simplicity of Maxta’s VM-centric solutions reduces IT management and lower cost, all while enhancing the performance, enterprise-level data services, and capacity optimaization.

Benefits to companies for these solutions are:

     1. Simplified Application Management and High Availability

     2. Improve end-user access to resources when needed

     3. Reduced TCO/ROI costs to deploy the solutions

     4. Enhance central security and compliance

     5. Ensure high availability and business continuity

     6. Scale on demand Server farm versus by funded project

     7. Deliver greater efficiency and simpler infrastructure

STSG utilizes its Consulting Services and its partners, below, to provide virtualization and cloud computing products, solutions, and services. From the desktop to the datacenter, STSG offers a variety of solutions to accelerate your virtualization implementation and minimize risk. We ensure a successful deployment of virtualization and cloud solutions across your IT infrastructure. STSG’s Consulting helps to plan, design and implement your Datacenter or desktop virtualization. Our Consulting Services can help you begin to virtualize your servers or help assess how to grow your virtualization across your infrastructure with best practices with experienced virtualization consultants.

“As a start up business, choosing the right IT infrastructure for our business was absolutely crucial. We needed a scalable, resilient and affordable solution that would enable us to compete on a level playing field with more established competitors. We’re 100% confident we made the right choice selecting VMware to provide our data centre and desktop technology. The remote working capabilities provided by View have given us the flexibility and responsiveness we need to deliver a fast, professional service to our clients.”

Karen Malone
Managing Director,
Centaur Fund Services

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